Hanover’s USNWR Reconstruction helped clients move an average of 11 places up the U.S. News & World Report rankings

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Brand Perception Survey

Gauges current perception and awareness levels of your brand by key populations (i.e., prospective students, employers, community members) to unpack how different segments view your institution.

Recruitment Channel Analysis

Assesses how your audience currently receives your communications, how they would like to be engaged going forward, and the topical areas that are of the greatest interest.

Marketing Position Analysis

Reviews target audiences, messaging, and marketing channels using institutional websites, social media, and online advertisements to provide a comparative review of your and your competitors’ online marketing.

Usability Testing

Gauges how users perceive and interact with an institution’s website.

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With enrollments continuing their years-long decline, administrators must implement a cross-departmental approach in order to achieve enrollment targets. With varied contributors of enrollment decline,…

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