Mermet Leverages Path-to-Purchase Insights to Help Expand Its Online Presence

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Client: Mermet
Industry: Textile Manufacturing
Headquarters Location: Cowpens, SC
Research Methodologies Used: Path to Purchase Survey



Mermet manufactures and sells premium solar screen fabrics to architects, designers, fabricators, and dealers for a variety of applications. To explore how these customer groups prefer to receive and consume product information prior to purchase, Mermet engaged with Hanover Research to gather insights into their customers’ path to purchase. Understanding how their key customer segments learn about solar textile manufacturers and the information sources used to evaluate products and suppliers will help inform Mermet’s plans to redesign its website.


Mermet enlisted Hanover to explore the various stages of their customers’ purchase journey from product awareness, information gathering, product comparison, retailer selection, to final purchase.

Research Goals:

  • Identify the information sources used to identify and evaluate products and manufacturers
  • Evaluate the type of information that is expected and helpful when researching solar textile products
  • Explore solar textile features and attributes that have an impact in product selection
  • Assess the level of satisfaction in the selection of solar textile products available

“We were exploring a website redesign as part of our overall effort to increase our brand’s online presence. With this goal in mind, we felt it was important to understand the path that potential customers of solar screen fabrics take in their purchase journey to inform our planning. Hanover’s analysis provided in-depth insights that helped us identify online content and services that will resonate well with customers.”

Colin Blackford,
Director of Strategy & Innovation


Hanover designed an online quantitative survey to gather in-depth insights into the customer purchase journey for solar textile products. The survey was deployed to 165 participants who were employed as fabricator, designer, architect, or distributor and have purchased or specified a solar textile product within the past year. All participants were primary decision makers or involved in the decision to purchase or specify solar textile products.

After analyzing the survey results, Hanover recommended that Mermet enhance online content by highlighting specific product features that were identified as important to purchasers of solar textile products, develop a targeted marketing strategy for two customer groups with relatively low brand usage, and expand accessibility to solar textile samples which highly influence purchase decisions.


Informed by Hanover’s survey analysis, Mermet is able to:

  • Attract and engage potential customers for solar screen fabrics by highlighting product features online that are considered important
  • Re-evaluate resources for fabric samples to meet attributes, features, and services that customers consider most valuable in the product selection process
  • Develop a targeted marketing strategy that is tailored to customer groups who were identified to have relatively lower brand usage


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