Fresno Unified School District Develops Its Strategic Plan with Stakeholder Feedback as the Cornerstone

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District/School: Fresno Unified School District
Total Enrollment: 71,000
地点: 加利福尼亚州弗雷斯诺
研究 Methodologies:

  • Staff Focus Group
  • Virtual Student Focus Group
  • Stakeholders’ Strategic Priorities Survey
  • Strategic Planning Advisory Services




Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) serves more than 74,000名学生, from preschool through grade 12, preparing career-ready graduates through high-quality instruction, district programs and services, 和资源. The district was at the beginning stages of redesigning their strategic plan and wanted to gather stakeholder opinions to inform the development of its mission, 愿景, 和目标.

“As we develop our strategic plan, we knew it would be critical to gather feedback from our students, 父母, 和工作人员. Our district stakeholders’ input is invaluable for helping us understand where we are, and where we need to go next to make our school community a welcoming and enriching environment,” says 鲍勃•尼尔森 负责人.



To support FUSD’s strategic planning efforts, Hanover 研究 analyzed data from four studies conducted by Hanover and FUSD to gather stakeholder perceptions.

研究 Questions:

  • What are family, student, 和工作人员 perceptions of the district’s mission, 愿景, 和目标?
  • What are FUSD staff members’ top strategic priorities for the district?
  • What are student, family, 和工作人员 members’ sense of belonging and connection to the district?
  • What are student and family perceptions of the overall environment, school involvement, 订婚, and connectedness?


“Hanover’s multi-methods approach was just what we needed to collect in-depth stakeholder feedback across many areas, like their sense of 订婚, connection with the school community, and strategic priorities. Hanover’s Strategic Planning Advisory Services offered us unparalleled access to Hanover’s bench of K-12 expert advisors who partnered with us every step of the way to generate insights that will serve as a foundation for our district’s mission, 愿景, 和目标.”



Hanover analyzed data from four studies conducted with FUSD: District Stakeholders Strategic Priorities Survey, Mission-Vision-Goals Staff Focus Groups, Strategic Planning Student Focus Groups, and the School Connectedness and District Vision Parent Survey. FUSD also worked with Hanover’s advisors to conduct a situational analysis and create a roadmap for formulating clear goals and targets related to district priorities. With Hanover’s Advisory Services, FUSD engaged in practical application, 反射, and collaborative learning opportunities, as well as leveraged Hanover’s custom research to build tools 和资源 to guide its strategic planning efforts.

作为一个结果, Hanover offered recommendations for how FUSD may improve its parent and family communications and prioritize staff recruitment, 保留, and development in its strategic plan. 另外, Hanover made recommendations for how the district may boost student 订婚 and motivation through its programming and set actionable district goals that can be monitored to track their progress over time.


作为一个结果 of Hanover’s analysis and advisory services, Fresno Unified School District is able to:

  • Inform strategic planning with student, parent, 和工作人员 feedback
  • Establish district goals that are measurable and actionable
  • Develop monitoring metrics to track district progress


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